outdoor advertising

Advertising (based on Wikipedia)
ADVERTISING in business is a form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to take or continue to take some action (such as for example brand promotion).

Our customers often use the coffers as a form of promoting their own brand

Plastic coffers
Manufactured from aluminum composite panels, allowing to install Plexiglas (PMMA) in the coffer face. The back is usually made of sheet metal, to which the lighting is mounted. Aluminum panels can be painted in any colour according to RAL palette.

Vinyl coffers
Made of special aluminum profiles, allowing for mounting lighting inside and the face made of vinyl material. On the vinyl material, any graphics is printed or stuck with adhesive foil. With this technology, it is possible to produce the coffer of any length without connection joints. Aluminum panels can be painted in any colour according to RAL palette.

Dibond coffers
If we want to create unique ads, the use of dibond to produce the coffer gives us almost unlimited possibilities. This material, resistant to external weather conditions and fairly easy to process, is used in manufacturing coffers, solid letters, pylons, etc. We can use dibond to produce the coffer face if we want to benefit from its visual advantages.

Backlit / illuminated letters
These are spatial forms, emitting light from the front (face of the letter and/or side walls illuminated from the inside) or from the back (light is directed to the facade, creating a glow). They can be made for example of Plexiglas, dibond, PVC or aluminum profile system. To provide illumination, LEDs are used, due to the long, uninterrupted operating life and low operating costs.