our operations

The basic principle on which we build the image of our company is the design and production of materials tailored to the individual needs and objectives of our Customers, implementing top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

In order to achieve this, we approach each and every project individually, with utmost attention paid to the details:

  1. we analyse the characteristics of the brand and the product, and we examine the position of the Customer’s company against the competition
  2. we design project based on 3D software that allow us to present a given project or visualization in a feasible and factual way
  3. we make cost estimates based on professional tools, taking into account the costs optimization and manufacturing technologies
  4. we develop a prototype, allowing for the implementation of final improvements and changes before mass production
  5. we produce a batch of a product, taking into account the highest quality, utmost care and attention to finishing
  6. we offer our own transport and logistics supply
  7. we offer a comprehensive assembly of materials in the locations indicated by the Customer, implemented by our own assembly teams located in the entire country
  8. we provide express warranty service and post-warranty support within the framework of the signed contract
  9. we swiftly report on the progress of works at each stage of cooperation