Designing is nothing but a simulation of what a Customer wants to achieve in order to be satisfied with his/her project-related expectations. This consists in searching for the most satisfactory outcome.

Design is looks, functionality, and ergonomics that all make up a coherent whole, both from the point of view of the product and the user.

Our priority is to reach harmony and balance among quality, functionality, and design. We develop our projects based on five principles of design, the fulfilment of which guarantees a successful completion of a given project:

  1. needs - determining what is essential for the Customer, what kind of tasks and function it is supposed to fulfil, what kind of space it will use
  2. idea - an idea, vision, inspiration, style. This is a keynote of the whole design process
  3. ergonomics - each POS advertising material, a piece of furniture, development, or other type of advertisement, must support the Customer in achieving the desired goal; they also have to be handy and practical in everyday use on the exhibition site
  4. composition - a whole project must be impressive and inscribe into the Customer’s brand spirit.  Also the audience must like it. We are working on these elements until we reach the desired effect.
  5. capabilities - throughout the entire design process, we take into account various constraints, including the ones related to overall dimensions and financial resources available

Not only our products are well designed and functional; they are smart and spectacular as well. We follow global trends in design; we look for innovative solutions, new forms, and technologies. We use all available sources.