commercial build-ins

We design and manufacture furniture and commercial furniture build-ins that has function as a promotional, exhibition, and sales-supporting function.

Customers’ expectations concerning the form, the materials used and the dimensions of the exposition based on brand strategy, location of the exposition and product type find their reflection in a "tailor-made" product, adapted individually to the customers’ needs.

We offer low-cost, mass furniture, characterized by the subordination of form to the optimization of the point of sale, made out of laminated chipboard, "dressed" in cost-effective toppers and graphic forms.

We specialize in high-quality build-ins and furniture designed individually, with advanced constructions based on a combination of different materials and technologies, often finished with lacquered MDF and exotic natural veneers.

Such expositions and build-ins finished with spatial letters, LED backlights, glass, and graphics have powerful image reception potential and individual character that imprints in customers’ minds.

Our production is based on modern CNC machinery park, which enables us to offer always top quality furniture and build-ins.

We place special emphasis on the aesthetics of every piece of our furniture. We strive to ensure that functionality and safety of all solutions go hand in hand with their attractive design and looks, thus emphasizing Customer’s brand.

By implementing shop in shop design projects, we adjust the character of the build-in to the exhibition- and sales-related Customer’s expectations, building the "brand world" within a relatively small space, always searching for the individual characteristics of the product or brand, distinguishing it against the industry.

The very idea of shop in the shop consists in the separation of space from sales area and arranging it in such a manner so as to reflect the character and climate of the professional point of sales combined with counselling for a given product group within the brand.