Arteo Interiors comprehensive finishing of commercial and service interiors

Interior design and decoration of commercial buildings have an enormous impact on their positive reception by Customers. A properly arranged object provides right mood, good atmosphere, sense of uniqueness, arouses positive emotions and not rarely has a decisive influence both on whether the customer will enter it or not, and whether he will be willing to stay there for longer.

Apart from the arrangement of interiors, the quality of the finishing and standard of materials used are of crucial importance as well.

We take care of interior design of commercial buildings. We specialize in complex, comprehensive delivery of installation, repair, and finishing works in such facilities as bank offices, cafes, offices, or shops.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, including the following:

With our professional and well thought-out support, it is possible to:

We operate swiftly, we are mobile and flexible both throughout the country and abroad.
Expert knowledge and expertise of issues related to the production process allows us to pursue interesting and challenging projects. In the manufacturing plant, belonging to the Arteo group, we manufacture furniture and fittings, as well as advertising materials according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

We cooperate only with trustworthy and reliable contractors who provide us with equipment, materials and semi-finished products.

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